Webmaster/Designer Internship
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Basic Data

Location: Shandong
Position Type: Fulltime
Duration: Internship

Job Categories: Computer Services | Computers, Software | Information Technology

Company description:

The company provides global brand services and official brand representation in China.
We have served Chinese mainland market for over 12 years and represented hundreds of brands. Our specialty is re-positioning products for the Chinese market, and achieving brand recognition with Chinese consumers.
With deep insight into market trends, our solutions are customized for each client and are designed to obtain a long term competitive advantage.
We work with clients across multiple industries including
- Luxury products
- Food & Beverage
- Fashion
- Home Furniture

Job details/tasks:

- Responsible for the design and layout of the page
- Update the LinkedIn page
- Write the static program of site, the site compatibility, special effects embedded in the site
- Create design support for fashion/food events


- Proficient in aesthetics, with a solid art foundation and rich creative thinking;
- Proficiency in Photoshop or Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Flash, Fireworks and other design software;
- If possible candidates who are proficient in div+css, HTML, JAVASCRIPT and others;
- 6 months, long-term interns preferred (4 months also ok)

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