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Position Type: Fulltime
Duration: Internship

Application Categories: Architectural Services

To whom it may concern,

I would like to express my interest in applying for an architecture summer internship in Chengdu. I am currently a McGill architecture student in the 3rd year of my undergraduate degree. I grew up in Chengdu and I still have family living there. I left China when I was young and despite not learning Chinese in Canada, I able able to speak Mandarin with a Chengdu dialect.

I have a strong initiative when it comes to design, and I frequently pursue architectural competitions in my spare time. When competing in a group, I always lead my team by briefing my team members, preparing documents, distributing and evaluating the work produced to ensure that our final product achieves a high standard of quality. I have strong design and graphical representation skills, both through hand drawing and using computer-aided design. In my internship at Avi Friedman Consultants, I edited AutoCAD files, constructed 3D models and produced renders for a modular housing project. Furthermore, I have developed excellent communication and leadership skills through leading competitions as well as through teaching English in Xi’An China. I am still a 3rd year undergraduate student and I understand that I still have a ways to go in my education, however, I am very willing to learn new skills and software that would allow me to contribute to your firm’s business.

Attached is CV and I am able to send my portfolio if it is needed. I would be very grateful to have the opportunity to discuss this internship position further. Thank you for your consideration.


Zhong Ji Cai

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